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Operating Systems: Wading into the Deep End


The last couple of weeks have been a baptism into the world of Operating Systems (OS).  I’m not sure I knew how expansive the subject matter was when I registered for the term; but I’m glad I embarked on the journey.

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Payroll Program: Part Two

This great image can be found at www.entrepreneur.com.

This great image can be found at http://www.entrepreneur.com.

Over the past several weeks I’ve been in the process of coding a payroll console program in the high level programming language C++.  To facilitate this activity I’ve been using the Dev-C++ compiler. Continue reading

Virtualization: Constructing the Cloud

I found this fantastic graphic at inform.tmforum.org.  Take a moment and read John Tanner's great article on virtualization.

I found this fantastic graphic at inform.tmforum.org. Take a moment and read John Tanner’s great article on virtualization.

To complete my three post offering of the three short papers I drafted in Communications Technology Convergence, what appears below is a complete copy of my paper on the need for virtualization in the cloud.  For the uninitiated (or just curious) this paper provides insight into why virtualization is a critical aspect of cloud computing.  Thanks for taking the time to read it. Continue reading

Systems Analysis and Design: First Impressions

This will soon be me!!!

I’m so excited for my upcoming moment.  This will be me soon!!!  Look forward class of 2015.  Clear eyes and full hearts!!!

These are busy days in my journey at Empire State College.  The summer term(s) kicked off, adding two more studies to my busy schedule (Systems Analysis and Design, and Introduction to C++ and OOP).  Memorial Day weekend served as the opener for my family’s 2015 camping season (we started this year’s series of outdoor adventures at Cranberry Lake State Park), even while in the midst of all of this activity my classmates and I have been preparing ourselves for a rite of passage; as the college is preparing to host its Forty-Third Commencement Ceremony. Continue reading

Rustic Antennae and Bass: The Evolving Perspective of My Tech Persona

An analog TV antenna found at Benton Township High School, IL.

An analog TV antenna found at Benton Township High School, IL.

It’s both a blessing and a curse to work full time in a field your studying while in college.  While you’re gaining invaluable experience in your field, at times you may feel like your work day never actually ends.  You never feel…“off”.  After a while it can play tricks on the mind.  Hours can quickly turn into days, days into weeks.  The outcome being that perspective on what you’re working for can wax and wane over time.  I’ve found this to be especially true in my life because I planned my studies in the same way I thought my career would progress.  I was careful to build overlap of topics and progression into my degree program(s).  My end goal was to foster growth of perspective through my studies; it has, and continues to do so. Continue reading

The Art of the IT Management System

I found this great pic at onlinecareertips.com.

I found this great pic at onlinecareertips.com.

Developing an IT Management System is an art form that requires objective balance.

At the start of the New Year I was blessed with the opportunity to participate in this process first hand. As a newly minted Information Technology Coordinator I was asked to develop a new Information Technology (IT) Management System. Continue reading

The Opening of Spring


A beautiful photo I found at fiftyfootshadows.net. Thought I’d share 🙂

The Spring term at Empire State College (ESC) has officially started, and I thought I was ready but then the flu came to visit.

Well…actually it visited my daughter, then my bride (or something equally nasty, the doctors haven’t gotten past a split decision on the matter), and finally myself.  It’s a painful way to kick off a new term, but I don’t intend to let it drag me down. Continue reading