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Worship & Ministry: Purpose In Technical Vocation


Personally, I find great peace in knowing that lasting purpose exist within my technical work. Continue reading


The Opening of Spring


A beautiful photo I found at fiftyfootshadows.net. Thought I’d share ūüôā

The Spring term at Empire State College (ESC) has officially started, and I thought I was ready but then the flu came to visit.

Well…actually it visited my daughter, then my bride (or something equally nasty, the doctors haven’t gotten past a split decision on the matter), and finally myself. ¬†It’s a painful way to kick off a new term, but I don’t intend to let it drag me down. Continue reading

A Season of Hope

I found this beautiful pic at anniecoops.com.  2013

I found this beautiful pic at anniecoops.com. 2013

This is a special time of year for me.

It’s a season of remembrance,¬†wonder, and spiritual renewal.¬†¬†¬†A¬†new beginning that arrives¬†despite¬†the¬†distractions of¬†the secular holiday season.¬† For me this part of the year¬†always manifest itself as a season of reflection.

This is the season of Advent. Continue reading