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A Secret Spot in the Woods



“Did we move to Seattle and I missed it?”  I had quipped to my wife.  Looking out my window this morning it seemed it had been raining everyday for the past two weeks. Continue reading


My Summer Dream Board


I first read about the concept of a dream board in 2010; on Rowdy Kittens (an excellent blog on living small, authored by Tammy Strobel).  I remember thinking at the time that a dream board was a novel, yet hokey idea. Continue reading


Anita Graduation


The life of a non-traditional college student, studying in the virtual classroom, can be quite hard.  It involves late nights, sometimes limited F2F (face to face) connection with friends and family, and a monastic sort of disciplined study that even the most content introvert will sometimes struggle with.  It’s also a journey of exploration; both of self and the world around us.  It will teach you to think, plan, and grow.  Strengths will shine, weaknesses will be magnified.  Throughout your time as a student you will develop a strong set of professional skills (and personal awareness) that will allow you to overcome these obstacles.  At times you will doubt your own ability to achieve your goals, but you will be wrong.  It helps to have a muse of sorts, somebody who inspires you, somebody who has walked the path you are on and found the light.  Why?  To prove it is possible.  For me that person, for the past several months, has been Anita Brown. Continue reading