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A Year…Almost



Wild daisies edging our garden.

Between the blue light of the screen and the warmth of the sun peeking through the window, I was drawn to a thought. Continue reading


My Summer Dream Board


I first read about the concept of a dream board in 2010; on Rowdy Kittens (an excellent blog on living small, authored by Tammy Strobel).  I remember thinking at the time that a dream board was a novel, yet hokey idea. Continue reading

What’s Left Over? (A brief review)

I recently received a perfect score on a 16 page research paper I composed; concluding my study in Ecology, Adaptation and Sustainable Development during the fall semester.  I know, awesome right!  I thought it was worthy of a mention here at TeknicalGrit.  So what follows is a brief synopsis of the paper, and how I feel it relates to my overall experience and goals at Empire State College (ESC). Continue reading