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College Graduation: A Season of Transition

In June I completed the final work of my undergraduate studies at SUNY Empire State College (an independent study of Database Application Development). Which, naturally, moved me into a transitional season in my life. Continue reading


Summer 2016: Quantitative Methods for Management


The 2016 Summer Term is under way at SUNY Empire State College (ESC).  The days are long, my family garden is growing, and I’m hungry for my undergraduate studies to come to a close. Continue reading

Ghost of War


Today I received the latest edition of Connections.

Connections is Empire State College’s official student and alumni magazine.

I love when Connections arrives on my doorstep!  As a non-traditional student, at a non-traditional school, the magazine gives me a tangible link to the college wide community.  I deeply appreciate the value it brings to my life. Continue reading

A Cello To Focus: The Rekindling of Creative Spirit

Zoe Keiting

I found this great shot on flickr.

In some ways the constraints of my professional and academic life have left me repressed creatively.

At the core of my being I’m an artist.  Likely a reflection of the creative Spirit that resides within me.

Although there are creative similarities that exist in the problem solving, project management,  and systems analysis aspects of technical work, they differ in respect to the traditional arts; like drawing and painting.  For example, it’s difficult to  find a true expression of oneself in the logical topology of a network. Continue reading

The Social Network: A Soundtrack for the Developing Mind

Recently I’ve been spending a lot of time searching for the “zone” while deep in technical thought.  As a non-traditional student I spend my days working in information technology, and my night’s engrossed in technical theory while studying information systems.

Continue reading