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Growth and the Florida Sun




It had been over 5 years since I’d taken any significant time away from both my professional and academic obligations, but recently I received a blessing from heaven. Continue reading


Release the Panic: Recalibrated



After the challenges I faced last semester I’ve been intentional about resting over the last few weeks, and preparing for when the Spring semester starts next week. Continue reading

Experiencing Technology: Christian Vocation In The Information Age

This great image can be found at  pixlisting.com

This great image can be found at pixlisting.com

As a Christian I feel self-examination is a key element of my faith.

As I walk with Christ I continually find myself asking where God exist in the work that  I do.  I’ve been a Christian since my youth, so my answer to that question has often vacillated over the years. Continue reading

Finding Balance In The Trinity

I discovered this great graphic at christianity.com.

I discovered this great graphic at christianity.com.

Today is Trinity Sunday

If you’re not a member of the Christian community the date probably doesn’t mean much to you; and that’s understandable.  If you are, it likely does-although it may be merely a foot note in the passage of today’s events.  Especially if you’re a believer who doesn’t value, or isn’t compelled to practice regular church attendance. Continue reading

Reconnecting: Sunday Worship


A great image I found at http://www.rockcitychurch.com.

It was great being back in church today.

Having finally shook off the dust of our recent fight with the flu, my family and I finally felt well enough to head back to Sunday Worship. It had been close to a  month since we’d last taken our place  in the pew.  A combination of not feeling up to the task, and not wanting to spread our virus to the other (very grateful hearts) of our church family kept us at bay. Continue reading