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Lions of Kandahar


I once read that an individual Soldier’s ability to effect change on the battlefield is limited to the maximum  range of his weapon.

That may have been more true in the dark days of sword and shield, but its spirit is just as alive today as it was in yesteryear. Continue reading


The Work of Leadership Development


In my experience leadership is an abused word.

Everyone wants to be a leader, but very few people have a true understanding of what that word entails.   Continue reading

Ghost of War


Today I received the latest edition of Connections.

Connections is Empire State College’s official student and alumni magazine.

I love when Connections arrives on my doorstep!  As a non-traditional student, at a non-traditional school, the magazine gives me a tangible link to the college wide community.  I deeply appreciate the value it brings to my life. Continue reading

The Brotherhood: Inter-Generational Reflections on Basic Training


Every once in a while I go through spells where I have trouble sleeping at night.  Kind of like mini-seasons of my life where sleep is just fleeting; but only for a couple of weeks. Continue reading

Systems Analysis and Design: First Impressions

This will soon be me!!!

I’m so excited for my upcoming moment.  This will be me soon!!!  Look forward class of 2015.  Clear eyes and full hearts!!!

These are busy days in my journey at Empire State College.  The summer term(s) kicked off, adding two more studies to my busy schedule (Systems Analysis and Design, and Introduction to C++ and OOP).  Memorial Day weekend served as the opener for my family’s 2015 camping season (we started this year’s series of outdoor adventures at Cranberry Lake State Park), even while in the midst of all of this activity my classmates and I have been preparing ourselves for a rite of passage; as the college is preparing to host its Forty-Third Commencement Ceremony. Continue reading

Decimating the Freshman Fifteen

This great graphic was created by www.gruntsyle.com.

This great graphic was created by http://www.gruntstyle.com.

…push it…PUSH!  You grew it, it’s yours!!!

My drill sergeants would be so disappointed right now…or not…they were a bit sadistic at times.   At least that’s how they could be perceived.  However, that was never my perspective. Continue reading

Rustic Antennae and Bass: The Evolving Perspective of My Tech Persona

An analog TV antenna found at Benton Township High School, IL.

An analog TV antenna found at Benton Township High School, IL.

It’s both a blessing and a curse to work full time in a field your studying while in college.  While you’re gaining invaluable experience in your field, at times you may feel like your work day never actually ends.  You never feel…“off”.  After a while it can play tricks on the mind.  Hours can quickly turn into days, days into weeks.  The outcome being that perspective on what you’re working for can wax and wane over time.  I’ve found this to be especially true in my life because I planned my studies in the same way I thought my career would progress.  I was careful to build overlap of topics and progression into my degree program(s).  My end goal was to foster growth of perspective through my studies; it has, and continues to do so. Continue reading