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Ghost of War


Today I received the latest edition of Connections.

Connections is Empire State College’s official student and alumni magazine.

I love when Connections arrives on my doorstep!  As a non-traditional student, at a non-traditional school, the magazine gives me a tangible link to the college wide community.  I deeply appreciate the value it brings to my life. Continue reading

A Cello To Focus: The Rekindling of Creative Spirit

Zoe Keiting

I found this great shot on flickr.

In some ways the constraints of my professional and academic life have left me repressed creatively.

At the core of my being I’m an artist.  Likely a reflection of the creative Spirit that resides within me.

Although there are creative similarities that exist in the problem solving, project management,  and systems analysis aspects of technical work, they differ in respect to the traditional arts; like drawing and painting.  For example, it’s difficult to  find a true expression of oneself in the logical topology of a network. Continue reading

The Social Network: A Soundtrack for the Developing Mind

Recently I’ve been spending a lot of time searching for the “zone” while deep in technical thought.  As a non-traditional student I spend my days working in information technology, and my night’s engrossed in technical theory while studying information systems.

Continue reading

Finding Balance In The Trinity

I discovered this great graphic at

I discovered this great graphic at

Today is Trinity Sunday

If you’re not a member of the Christian community the date probably doesn’t mean much to you; and that’s understandable.  If you are, it likely does-although it may be merely a foot note in the passage of today’s events.  Especially if you’re a believer who doesn’t value, or isn’t compelled to practice regular church attendance. Continue reading

Systems Analysis and Design: First Impressions

This will soon be me!!!

I’m so excited for my upcoming moment.  This will be me soon!!!  Look forward class of 2015.  Clear eyes and full hearts!!!

These are busy days in my journey at Empire State College.  The summer term(s) kicked off, adding two more studies to my busy schedule (Systems Analysis and Design, and Introduction to C++ and OOP).  Memorial Day weekend served as the opener for my family’s 2015 camping season (we started this year’s series of outdoor adventures at Cranberry Lake State Park), even while in the midst of all of this activity my classmates and I have been preparing ourselves for a rite of passage; as the college is preparing to host its Forty-Third Commencement Ceremony. Continue reading

Growing Intentionally

I found this great image at

I found this great image at

I’ve found one of the greatest traits I have in my toolbox is my ability to recognize the limits of my own know how, and having the willingness to accept the help of others Continue reading

The Opening of Spring


A beautiful photo I found at Thought I’d share 🙂

The Spring term at Empire State College (ESC) has officially started, and I thought I was ready but then the flu came to visit.

Well…actually it visited my daughter, then my bride (or something equally nasty, the doctors haven’t gotten past a split decision on the matter), and finally myself.  It’s a painful way to kick off a new term, but I don’t intend to let it drag me down. Continue reading