Finding Perspective Camping at Keewaydin State Park



A daytime view of the shore.

Looking into the field of stars above, which hung shallow over the river, Venus sat comfortably in the arms of a crescent moon.  My 9-year-old daughter was struck by its beauty, exclaiming “WOW, so pretty!” 

Our view of the St. Lawrence River welcomed us that night as we stood on its shore in respite.  We were slicked by a thin coat of sweat, the parting gift of a late-night game of Ghost in the Graveyard; from which my young son had us retire.

My spirit was fully awake, all my frustrations from earlier in the week seemed so trivial.  Which is the beauty of a good camping trip.  The cleansing effect it has on the soul.  The perspective you gain.

The Gift of Work

Although it’s a bit counter cultural, what I’ve learned heading into my fifth decade of life is that work is an opportunity to contribute my time and talents to the betterment of the world around me; nothing more and nothing less.  Work is work, and by joyfully pursuing my daily task I’m able to extract satisfaction from its journey.  There’s beauty to be found in that, and I’m grateful for the gift.

There are ancillary benefits to work, it offers us resources to acquire comfort that wouldn’t normally be a part of our lives, and the money we earn from it allows us to outsource life skills we don’t actually possess.  However, all these benefits pale in comparison to the gift of satisfaction and its contribution to our wellbeing.


Settling in for the night.

Rationing Life Energy

Part of the beauty of work is that we gain its reward despite its application to any one organization, and this frees us to pursue our own path (despite the pressure to conform to any contrived social norm).  Our life energy is portable, and we’re blessed to spend it in anyway that propels movement in our spiritual calling.  When we do our lives become set apart.  This too is a gift, and we should rejoice in it.

I’ve been blessed in this digital age, for nearly 20 years I’ve had the opportunity to be a steward of the systems that move information throughout our world.  Its been a joyous adventure, full of challenge and uncertainty, but also victory.


Good morning Keewaydin

In Context

When we started our adventure at Keewaydin State Park we were promised two nights under the stars but, as she sometimes does, Mother Nature saw differently.  As thunderstorms moved into the area on the second night, we decided to break camp and seek shelter at home; but not before making S’mores and cheerfully spending a little more time around the campfire.


One last campfire.

As we left for home I reflected.  Despite the challenges that come with working in technology, technological, interpersonal, or otherwise, I love the work I do; and the people I do it with.

Thank you for clarity Keewaydin.

Grace and Peace.


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