College Graduation: A Season of Transition

In June I completed the final work of my undergraduate studies at SUNY Empire State College (an independent study of Database Application Development). Which, naturally, moved me into a transitional season in my life.

As a quiet soul, I don’t typically handle transition in stormy fashion.  Despite whatever inner turmoil may exist in my life I tend to remain placid on the surface.

I try to respond to transitional stress through reflection and prayer.  It’s better to thoughtfully respond to stressful situations rather than simply react to them.  Because  ill conceived reaction often leads to unintended results; or failure.

Graduation from SUNY Empire State College is not an overnight event; it’s a process.

After students complete their studies they endure a waiting period.  During this time they are subject to an academic and administrative review that is intended to determine if they are truly eligible to graduate.  Once this review period has been completed, and assuming all criteria has been met, the student is awarded a diploma.

This is where I’m at.  Given the comparative quiet of the season I’ve been focused on the following activities:

  • Realigning my goals; by focusing on my family’s wellness, growth, and higher purpose.
  • Redefining my long term vision; by examining my current position, and future career prospects.
  • Identifying compatible professional development activities (such as possible pathways to professional certification).
  • Renewed focus on perfecting my basic taekwondo techniques and forms.
  • And, examining my spiritual commitments.

The rest has been good for me but, because its my nature, I’m excited to be growing into a new season.




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