A Ruck by the Perch River




Most of my adult life I haven’t owned a car.

That used to be more true than it is today.  Still, I almost never drive.  However, without intention, I wouldn’t walk very much either.

Which is a crime.

I’ve found walking to be the perfect antidote for the lethargic perils of the information age.

Shockingly, since leaving the Army, I’ve experienced several seasons when I’ve felt I hadn’t the time for exercise; let alone a leisurely walk.

However, thinking back, I can remember a simpler time.

A time when walking wasn’t a luxury, but a way of life.


A Haiku Reflection

Earlier this week, feeling nostalgic, I decided to incorporate a morning ruck into my weekly workout routine. 

Having purchased a cadence album on iTunes, I downloaded my new media, strapped on my pack, and headed out to walk in the morning sun. 

As my feet found their forgotten rhythm, my mind began drifting off to past treks.  As I explored the landscape I paused at a personal discovery; the Perch River.  It had been a while since I engaged in the art, but I decided to draft a reflection framed in haiku:

Looking up.

A blue morning hue-

Speaks to me.


Warming my face.

Waking on the rocks-

The peeking sun.


The soft haunting.

…of a fading chorus,

Fills my last step.



The failing road meets Earth.

At the river bed.

Not all those who wander are lost.








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