A Foundation for Growth


Shortly after I began my journey with SUNY Empire State College in 2013 I decided to take a hiatus from my formal study of taekwondo and focus on the art of developing information systems.  As a result, my physical health declined, my spirit suffered, and naturally my sense of wellness paled.


My Last Year

The last year has been the hardest.

I discovered that will has its limits, and heart exist on a continuum.  Resiliency isn’t a steady state of being, but a malleable set of characteristics that can be eroded over time.

These were hard lessons to learn, and probably weren’t well timed (being it was my senior year of college), but they were valuable to understanding who I was as a person.


The Journey Back

Last summer I began a journey of physical rejuvenation in an effort to restore my physical health and lay a foundation for healing and improved wellness.

It’s been a challenging but rewarding process.  I’ve experienced a lot of success on my journey, and I’ve suffered the pain of failure.  I’ve grown as a person, but I’m just now wakening to the realities of who that person is.  I’m rediscovering me.

Normally I’m a service oriented person, but for the last month I’ve felt the need to withdraw and focus on me.  I’ve felt a little guilty about that but it was necessary for me to continue on my path of rejuvenation.  Where people’s lives intersect with mine they deserve the best version of me I can provide.  Especially the closest members of my inner circle; my family, friends, and those I’m responsible for leading.

I’ve steadily been building a foundation so I could grow.  The challenge has been wading through the obscurity of sinking sand and finding a stable piece of ground so I could stand.

To accomplish this, I dedicated myself to the process of committing the taegeuk series of poomsae back into my bones.


Taegeuk Pal Jang

Taegeuk Pal Jang is the final form most students of Kukkiwon style taekwondo learn before beginning their new path as a black belt.  The essence of Taegeuk Pal Jang exists in its representative spirit of earth, or the foundation of a student’s future training in taekwondo.

It’s fitting that for the first time this week, in over two years, I succeeded at performing this poomsae through completion.  It was a great milestone in my journey back to physical health.


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