A Warrior’s Path to Geekdom

When people look at me today they don’t see a warrior.  People are mistaken when they look at someone and believe they know who that person is.  It’s a mistake people make every day. 


My Divergent Path

I’ve traveled a long road in my college education.  I sat through my first college study years ago on, on a satellite campus for Georgia Military College; studying American History I. Now, over 12 years later, I’m staring at the final obstacle on my path to a bachelor’s degree in Information Systems.

It’s been a rugged path. 

I’m not your average geek.  True, I grew up in a world of roleplaying and tabletop war-games, but after that my path diverged.

In 1998 I picked up the rifle.

Where my fellow techies munched nachos and learned binary, I learned the applied science of installing networks at night in the dead of winter. 

I also learned how to perform emergency medicine on gunshot wounds, defend positions, set ambushes, and assault objectives.  The motto during my professional upbringing was shoot, move, and communicate.

I was wiping mud off my boots and putting camo on my face while my counterparts were stroking keyboards.  I learned leadership, and developed lean tech skills, while projecting the voice of command over the battlefield.   They learned to be…comfortable.  Comfortable in their work, and highly skilled in their area of expertise.  Through hardship I became a skilled generalist, and an expert at execution.

We come from two different worlds, so it’s an interesting walk when I reflect and seek out places where our skills overlap and compliment each other.


Individualized Prior Learning Assessment

One of the things I appreciate most about SUNY Empire State College is the flexibility the college provides students to achieve their goals.

As I write this I’m taking my first steps to discovery, using the college’s individualized Prior Learning Assessment (iPLA) process, to find touch points between the unique aspects of my career and my college level education; particularly in the area of data management tools.

I’m doing so sitting in the warmth of an Adirondack lodge.


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