Physical Rejuvenation: Weeks Two and Three


Relax, it’s the Lord’s Day.


I’m now at the end of week three of my journey back to physical health, and it’s Sunday (the Sabbath), so I felt it was a good time to reflect on how far I’ve come so far.

I think the hardest part of getting back in shape is creating momentum, and the first step to doing that is to be humble.  Especially if, prior to the low season your experiencing, you were an athlete.

As I’ve struggled to push past sets of 30 while doing push-ups, and run faster than 18:30 on my 2-mile run, it has been very grounding to remember that at one point I was awarded the Army Physical Fitness Badge for physical fitness excellence.

Is getting back in shape hard, yes.  But, like most things in life, it’s simple to the fact that most of the work comes from showing up for the fight.  Commit to eating healthy, which is the majority of the work, and to moving everyday.  Be compassionate with yourself, and take the time to recognize and work within your limitations.

Strength and stamina will come later, but for now, just breath; and live within the moment.

To sustain my goal of forging a healthy lifestyle, I’ve also chosen to support my dietary needs by hopping on the Thrive Experience.  I’m no stranger to supplements, although typically I like to keep things simple.  In the past I’m experimented with whey protein, creatine, and several types of multi-vitamins.

My effort so far has been targeted at getting my body tuned back up for the strain I’ll be putting on it through exercise.

Recognizing that fulfillment of this goal will look different for every person, for context, I thought I’d share the workout plan I followed during week three.  See below (please note,  although this is my daily training schedule for my morning workout, I’ve supplemented this program through Bowflex resistance training on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays):

Blessings on your journey to a better, more capable, you!

Day Type of Training Specific Actions
Monday Evaluation Purpose:  Determine base fitness level.

2 minutes Push-Ups.

2 minutes Sit-Ups

2-mile Run

Max Pull-Ups


Determine BMI and Body Fat %

Tuesday Cardio


Purpose:  Increase explosive speed, and aid in recovery from fitness test.

1-mile Fartlek Run

Wednesday Cardio Purpose:  Develop cardio-respiratory endurance.

2-mile Run.  (slow pace)

Thursday MSE


Purpose:  Develop dynamic strength and endurance.  Increase explosive speed.

3-sets max Pull-Ups

3-sets Timed Sets; Push-Ups, Sit-Ups (variations)

1-mile Fartlek Run

Friday Cardio Purpose:  Develop cardio-respiratory endurance.

2-mile Run.  (slow pace)

Saturday Recovery Purpose:  Prevent Injury.


Mental Training

Sunday Recovery Off


    • Stewart Nicholas

      Thanks for stopping by, and sharing your thoughts. I agree, it’s a real blessing to see other people pursue healthy living. I took a moment to check out the work your doing on your blog, and I love everything about your approach. Definitely subscribed! Keep up the great work :-).

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