Summer 2016: Database Systems


This summer is an exciting season of my life at SUNY Empire State College (ESC).  As a senior at ESC my days as an undergrad are coming to a close, and as a non-traditional student my experience during this transition differs greatly from that of my traditional counterparts.

The transition from student to working professional is an often anxious period for traditional students; it’s full of unknowns.  As a non-traditional student, who is nearly 20 years into his career, my life has a sense of direction that is excluded from my younger peers.

My coming graduation is a culminating event; resulting from careful preparation, persistent work, and implementing a clear-eyed vision of the future.

I entered this journey with the stated goal of securing a better lifestyle for my family, and cementing the value of my personal brand of expertise in the tech industry.  Working to accomplish this goal has come with its ups and downs, but in general I’m better for the journey.

I’ve learned a lot about myself, and the impact I’d like to have on this world. 

As a student of technology, and whose chosen profession involves managing its application, I understand the value of good data management systems, and how well they inform our view of the world around us.  Nowhere is this truer than in the business world, where accurate perception effects proper decision making every day.

It’s with this in mind that I chose to pursue a study of database systems this summer at ESC.

Through my study of database systems, I’m learning to properly model organizational data, implement data models in Structured Query Language (SQL), and apply the principles of good database design within an ethical framework that’s appropriate for life in the digital world.

It’s an eye opening path of discovery, and I’m enjoying my process of developing this valuable set of skills.  I’m grateful for this learning opportunity.


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