Summer 2016: Quantitative Methods for Management


The 2016 Summer Term is under way at SUNY Empire State College (ESC).  The days are long, my family garden is growing, and I’m hungry for my undergraduate studies to come to a close.

As part of my 8 credit course load this Summer I chose to pursue a study in management science; called Quantitative Methods for Management.  Settling on this study marks a level of academic maturity on my part.  As I struggled through the abstract confines of Precalculus earlier in my program, I was forced to re-examine where I stood in regards to the quantitative studies in my four-year degree plan.

I took a hard look at the way my mind worked, and made some changes that were better suited to my academic make up.  I opted to take a path that would lead me away from the struggles of abstract math, and into the arms of a more practical variety.

The time I spent recently studying data management systems and statistics laid the foundation for my course in management science.

Before preparing for this term at ESC I’d never heard of management science.  Now I’m excited to learn more about its power to shape organizational decision making, and discover how to apply it solving problems that exist in the tech environment.

While I’m hesitant to reach early conclusions in my study, it seems reasonable that improved decision making (through the mathematical modeling that management science provides) would be a key asset in value creation.


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