Post Term Thoughts: My Study of Statistics


As the Spring semester at SUNY Empire State College came to a close so did my third course in mathematics; Statistics:  An Activity Based Approach. 

It may sound strange coming from a technology student, but I’ve always been challenged by math.  I didn’t do as well in this study as I’d hoped for, but I didn’t do as poorly as I could have; and I’m not sure it matters anyway.

My experience in this study was an awakening for me.  It taught me there were areas of math that I could be good at; and even enjoy.

Statistics is an interesting kind of math because it takes you out of the abstract, and into the real world where observations result in meaning.

I liked statistics, I found it to be practical and engaging.  I think the structure of the class had a lot to do with that.

A key element of our learning experience was working with real world data to develop observations.  For example, part of the work in the course involved a study of local air quality.  As a class we performed hypothesis test, and shared the outcomes with our peers.  So not only did we develop an understanding of the quality of air we breathe locally, but we also got to see how our regions stacked up against others in the state.

I’m not sure I would have pursued this study without being prompted by my mentor, but I’m glad I did.  Her insight was critical in giving me the courage to take the plunge.

I’m extremely grateful that all the ingredients came together for me to find success in this course, and to broaden my sense of self.  The journey was no doubt made better by the great community I’m a part of at the college.

Thanks for taking the time to hear my thoughts.


With gratitude,

Stewart Nicholas


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