Operating Systems: Wading into the Deep End


The last couple of weeks have been a baptism into the world of Operating Systems (OS).  I’m not sure I knew how expansive the subject matter was when I registered for the term; but I’m glad I embarked on the journey.

Aside from the obvious benefit of the content, my studies have given me the opportunity to take a stroll down memory lane.  The course opened with what was supposed to be an overview of the subject matter; but in all honesty it was the deepest overview I’ve ever experienced.

Like many tech professionals, and hobbyist, I’m quite familiar with the Windows family of OS; probably more so than many of my readers, but definitely less than any of my peers who may have specialized in Microsoft architecture.

On the HP Pavilion I work on at home I run Windows 8.1.  However, I’ve also been exposed to Windows XP, Windows Vista, and of course the office mainstay Windows 7.

I’ve yet to experience the ups and downs of Windows 10, but that’s because I intentionally shunned the new system in favor of letting other people test it.

I also experienced UNIX, as the communication systems I grew up on in the Army were driven by Sun Microsystem’s Solaris OS (which is UNIX derived).  My recollection of Solaris is a bit vague, but it was nice to knock the dust off some memory cells while exploring it’s features.

Our first module of study crossed OS boundaries by exposing me to both the history and inner workings of Windows and UNIX based OS.  Having been exposed to both before (or at least I thought I had) I felt I had some grasp of the subject walking in, but this journey was a wakeup call to how little I knew about what lay under the surface.

OS come in many shapes and sizes, and many varieties in between, this study wasted no time diving into the various flavors and functions that are out there.

It’s going to be a challenging, but worthwhile study.  I’m looking forward to learning more.

Take care!


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