Review: Operation Desolation


Being a technical scholar I haven’t had a lot of time to read for pleasure in quite a while.  However, I decided to take some micro actions to change that.

Over the past couple of months I wandered around the web hoping to find some interesting fiction to delve into.  I’m traditionally a Sci-Fi nerd, which is probably fitting as an Information Systems major.  So I started out looking for literature in that realm.  What I found was a lot of Artificial Intelligence (AI) material, and end-of-the-world type stuff.

Not exactly what I was looking for in this instance.

Then I decided to take a digital walk through Kobo Books.  Kobo happens to be my favorite supplier of content from digital publishers.

After a little poking around I discovered Operation Desolation, by Mark Russinovich.

Operation Desolation is a short work of fiction that expertly weds the two worlds of tech and storytelling.  It also seems to form a bit of a bridge between the author’s earlier work Zero Day, and his later offering Trojan Horse.

Being a short story there is not a lot of meat to the tale’s plot, but it’s still a gem to digest.

Essentially the main character (Jeff Aiken) is a cyber security pro attending a conference on the west coast.

In the back drop of the story he has been contracted to defend his employer from the well known hactivist group Anonymous.

At the conference Jeff encounters the startling fact that Anonymous is willing to take the fight offline, and make good on its promise to bring down his employer’s company.

I picked up Operation Desolation for pennies (literally, 99) at Kobo.  Seriously, it was a no-brainer.  It cost almost nothing, and it seemed to be a perfect introduction to Mark’s more lengthy work.

After downloading the story I digested it in less than 3 hours; counting snack time.

I thoroughly enjoyed the offering.  I felt it was a bit tech crunchy at times, which is not surprising considering the author is an accomplished tech writer, but digestible.

I highly recommend this piece, and can’t way to explore Trojan Horse.






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