Worship & Ministry: Purpose In Technical Vocation


Personally, I find great peace in knowing that lasting purpose exist within my technical work.

One of the many reasons I’m proud of my Presbyterian heritage is the deep beauty that exist in the language describing our view on worship and mission.

Our culture has largely lost sight of worship in the Christian context of the word.  Our natural state tempts us to view Christian worship similar to the way we follow artist on stage at American Idol or The Voice.  However, in Christian worship we’re called to bear witness not to some creative ideal but to the glory of that which is unseen.

The Presbyterian Book of Order explains things rather eloquently when it says that worship presents the “…reality of the divine rule which God has promised in Jesus Christ as the final renewal of creation.  The worshipping community in its integrity before the Word and its unity in prayer and Sacraments is a sign of the presence of the reign of God.” (The Constitution of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), Part II, Book of Order, 2011).

In other words, the very act of worship testifies to the fact that God is alive and working in the world.

Understanding worship in this way has the power to change everything.

For believers it awakens our soul to the presence of God in all His glory, and delivers us from any mechanical understanding of worship as simply being “something we do”.

For non-believers It quickens the heart, and opens the mind, to the possibility of life on the other side of the darkness.

However, things don’t stop there.

Worship and ministry go hand-in-hand.  Through worship we receive renewal by opening ourselves to God’s presence, and are inspired to take part in Christ earthly mission.

To accomplish Christ mission on Earth he gifted the church with its ministry.

Referring back to the Book of Order Presbyterians have traditionally said the “…church in its ministry bears witness to God’s reign through the proclamation of the gospel, through works of compassion and reconciliation, and through the stewardship of creation and life.” (The Constitution of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), Part II, Book of Order, 2011).

Through ministry the church lives out Christ mission in the world.

As individual members of the church, believers participate in Christ mission by experiencing ministry through vocational activity (among other things).  So it’s within this context that technology professionals can find purpose throughout their careers.

If we view technical work through the lens of ministry we find reasonable connections in the areas of compassion and caring for creation.


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