A Cello To Focus: The Rekindling of Creative Spirit

Zoe Keiting

I found this great shot on flickr.

In some ways the constraints of my professional and academic life have left me repressed creatively.

At the core of my being I’m an artist.  Likely a reflection of the creative Spirit that resides within me.

Although there are creative similarities that exist in the problem solving, project management,  and systems analysis aspects of technical work, they differ in respect to the traditional arts; like drawing and painting.  For example, it’s difficult to  find a true expression of oneself in the logical topology of a network.

Emotion and self awareness become subdued during the systems design process.  Efficiency and value are the cornerstones of the bottom line.  This is the key difference between the technical work done behind the corporate curtain, and that performed by weekend hobbyist in cargos.

When I left the Army in 2008 I went through an exploratory phase as an artist.  I took a hard look at my identity as an artist, I crafted vision statements, learned about marketing, launched a website, and created a presence on social networks.  I discovered The Unconventional Guide To Art and Money, and it helped me focus on my goal of making an artistic living in a digital world.

Overtime though I continued to work on transitioning into my new role in the private sector.  As my technical career pressed on, and my academic career took flight, I found my focus slipping during my nightly studies.  It seems that the human mind isn’t meant to think about bits for 16 hours a day; with limited respite.

Recently I rediscovered a childhood interest I had in classical music.  I did this while looking for ways to free my mind from the prison of hearing the keyboard clack deep into the wee hours of the night. I needed something that would entertain but not distract.  After all, it’s not that I find tech boring, but nothing is exciting for 16 hours a day.

It’s through this quest I discovered Zoe Keating.  Zoe is refreshingly unique cellist.  When you listen to her perform it’s easy to forget that she is a solo artist.  When you see her perform, the focus and mastery she brings to her craft are unmistakable.  So is her under-rated star quality.

However, what drew me into her music was her brand; or lack there of.

Zoe is a brilliantly gifted musician with a type of raw authenticity that in itself is a gift.

A quintessential artist of tones.

My focused work has been colored by her music ever since I first heard Legions(War); from her album One Cello x 16: Natoma.

Album Cover-One Cello x 16: Natoma

Album Cover-One Cello x 16: Natoma.

Thanks for adding a breath of fresh air to my studies Zoe!


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