Finding Balance In The Trinity

I discovered this great graphic at

I discovered this great graphic at

Today is Trinity Sunday

If you’re not a member of the Christian community the date probably doesn’t mean much to you; and that’s understandable.  If you are, it likely does-although it may be merely a foot note in the passage of today’s events.  Especially if you’re a believer who doesn’t value, or isn’t compelled to practice regular church attendance.

As a full time student, husband, father, and employee, this year’s celebration has evolved into an invitation to reflection for me.  It may be helpful to first establish some context for this discussion

The Presbyterian Mission Agency states that, the uniqueness of the day (within the church year) begins with the fact that its meaning is not related to a historical event in the church; it’s instead a concept drawn from church doctrine.  A celebration, if you will, of an understanding that has shaped protestant and catholic thought regarding the nature of God; or better His triune nature since it was conceived.  A reference to the church doctrine of the trinity.  The existence of a unified God in three persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

In essence the nature of God is defined through the lens of three overlapping characteristics (or better, personalities), whose relationship to one another (in human understanding) attempts to describe who God is.  The trinity presents to us a concrete view of an abstract principle of relationship.  A beautiful mystery.

The concept of the trinity unites for us the different aspects of God’s existence in a way that mirrors our own (as we exist in God’s image); and enables us (in a broader context) to make better sense of the world around us, our circumstance, and being.  If observed, and put into practice, this heightened understanding of relationship (and natural law) can lead us to a more harmonious system of living.  One that can guide us to a healthier coexistence with our fellow travelers in this life.

So why am I talking about this at Teknical Grit?  Well, primarily because balance has been such a common theme on this blog.

As a non-traditional student at Empire State College (ESC) I’ve found that achieving balance has been one of the most persistent challenges I’ve faced during my college experience.  Throughout my time at ESC I’ve vacillated between reaching for my goals with clear eyed enthusiasm, and at other times feeling completely overwhelmed; even on rare occasions losing sight of why I’m on this journey in the first place.

In short my academic journey has been a challenging, although at times exhilarating, unbalanced experience.  I’m forever grateful that before I took my first steps on this path I took the time to define my goals, and have since had the good sense to refer back to them when circumstances have proven difficult.  More than anything though I’m grateful that God’s will has remained at the center of my desire to navigate the muddy waters of this scholarly journey.

This is where my sense of purpose, and need, begin to separate from the norms of what secular society may perceive as ambition.  It’s also where I, and likely all believers struggle to find authenticity in their faith in the professional world.  I think in a sense the trinity offers us an opportunity to view our professional lives in a different light; and, if we allow it to, can shape our desires and goals in a way that compels us to a more genuine and loving life.

Referring back to the model of the trinity for a moment; we see God in three forms: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost.  Each of these personalities exist in a loving, compassionate, and connected relationship that persist throughout all eternity.  A perfect dance of sorts, that defines who each of them is and solidifies their mutual existence through the perfection of their harmonious relationship.

Clearly we cannot perfectly emulate this existence in our own lives, the obvious extent of our own imperfection forbids it.  However, we can model this relationship to a noteworthy extent at all levels of our existence.  Even within the professional and academic spheres of our lives.

With the reality of the trinity guiding us we then have a model to examine while pursuing the essentials of our lives.  We can find balance.

We can discover true purpose in our work, reap the benefits of the love and compassion of a healthy family, and enjoy the freedom to console and be vulnerable in the company of the people we cherish the most.  Such is the will of God.

God bless the trinity.


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