Systems Analysis and Design: First Impressions

This will soon be me!!!

I’m so excited for my upcoming moment.  This will be me soon!!!  Look forward class of 2015.  Clear eyes and full hearts!!!

These are busy days in my journey at Empire State College.  The summer term(s) kicked off, adding two more studies to my busy schedule (Systems Analysis and Design, and Introduction to C++ and OOP).  Memorial Day weekend served as the opener for my family’s 2015 camping season (we started this year’s series of outdoor adventures at Cranberry Lake State Park), even while in the midst of all of this activity my classmates and I have been preparing ourselves for a rite of passage; as the college is preparing to host its Forty-Third Commencement Ceremony.

A glimpse of Cranberry Lake from the top of Bear Mountain.  2015.

A glimpse of Cranberry Lake from the top of Bear Mountain. Memorial Day Weekend 2015.

As a recent graduate of Empire State College I’m excited to be sharing the stage with the rest of the class of 2015 this June.

In April I graduated with my Associate in Science Degree in Information Technology.  A capstone achievement that combined the formal training, and practical experience I gained in the U.S. Army, with a fantastic liberal arts education.  The upcoming festivities are a welcome burst of energy in the back drop of my continued studies; while I’m working toward my bachelor’s degree.

Being that my summer term is in flight now, I’ve had the opportunity to begin my study of Systems Analysis and Design; so I thought I’d share a brief piece on first impressions.  Here’s my top five thoughts.

  1. I’m so grateful for the previous work I’ve done in the areas of Computer Information Systems, Management Information Systems, and Project Management. I think these are going to be vital to my success in Systems Analysis and Design.
  2. I’m grateful for great classmates who are coming from a background similar to mine; military communicators, and telecommunications professionals who are becoming better-rounded by evolving their skills in areas more commonly worked on by computing pros.
  3. I’m grateful for having yet another seemingly great instructor in the course. She seems active, and very open to engaging with my classmates and I during the study.
  4. The opportunity to explore the systems development process in more depth.
  5. My classmates seem to be a wonderful group of hardworking individuals, who are passionate about self-improvement and success in their endeavors.

It’s going to be a challenging but great term.  I’m looking forward to experiencing the journey, and discovering the outcome.


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