Quantitative Reasoning: Progressing in Algebra

I found this great pic at time.com.

I found this great pic at time.com.

As I work to complete my junior year of study in information systems, I’ve found that quantitative reasoning skills are a dominant aspect of my academic life at Empire State College.  What does that mean?  Math, and lots of it.  Probably not the same amount of math present in a computer science or engineering degree, but no small amount either.

There are four math studies included in my degree plan (Visualizing Mathematics, Algebra, Pre-Calculus, and Discrete Mathematics).  Having previously succeeded in Visualizing Mathematics, I’m presently involved with my algebra study.

Math is painful subject for many people; including me.  In fact, it’s likely that the amount of math included in my degree plan would frighten most people away from a study of information systems-if they knew it was present.

Algebra has continued to be a challenging beast for me to conquer, but a worthy one.

When I selected my math courses I was intentional about choosing a progressive lot that would encourage my mind to become open to a new way of conceptual thought.  I succeeded in that regard, but it’s been a rocky road.

There are some principles I quickly gain a near perfect understanding of, and others that I fight to grasp.  I suspect this can be attributed to a poor mathematic foundation acquired  in my childhood education.  I’m not convinced I was effectively taught these skills during my early years in the public school system; nor the study skills needed to develop understanding in the area of study.  So a large part of my current journey through algebra has consisted of identifying weak areas, and working to overcome them.

It’s going to take some work, but I’m confident I’ll overcome the challenges I face in this course and live to fight another day.

To those who rocked algebra before me.  I salute you.


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