NAVCrux1.0: A Second Shot at Developing My Own Web Browser

A great pic of the night sky I found at

A great pic of the night sky I found at

I’ve found one of the hardest things about college is not having a enough dwell time on the topics that particularly interest me.  Classes move along at a break neck pace that doesn’t allow my focus to drift away from my present studies.  As a technology student I find this particularly frustrating because after studying hard skill subjects like programming its easy to regress if not practicing them regularly.

To help combat this type of regression I decided to spend some time every week organically maintaining the skills I’ve developed through my studies.  To this end I felt it was important to delve into my aging skills in VB.NET.

This guided my decision to start browsing through my programming books to find a suitable starting point; I chose Patrice Pelland’s text Microsoft Visual Basic 2008 Express Edition:  Build a Program Now!.

It took me a little while to settle on a project I felt would be a worthy jump back into development, but in the end I decided to rework a previous class project that I had struggled with.  I’ve been developing my own web browser.

As I’m not under any pressure to produce a working application I figure I have time to start from scratch, work the kinks out of my previous project, and personalize it to truly make it mine.

I began work on this project a couple of weeks ago, so I thought I’d share a screen shot here to show you my progress.  I’m calling it NAVCrux1.0; after it’s well known counter part in the southern sky.  The constellation Crux (or Southern Cross).

At this stage in the game the browser is fully functional, to prove it I took this shot of the browser running while visiting Google’s homepage.


I’ll post more pics as the project progresses.  I hope you enjoy!


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