Cloud IaaS market segmentation

I was doing some research on possibilities related to massively scaled cloud computing when I found this gem of a post from Lydia Leong. I had to share it here at TeknicalGrit.

Lydia Leong is a brilliant tech analyst specializing in cloud computing discourse. She is a bastion of knowledge springing from Washington D.C. Metro.

I really enjoyed this post, and hope you do too.

CloudPundit: Massive-Scale Computing

Over the past couple of months, I’ve been mulling over a way to structure and segment the cloud infrastructure as a service market. Some of those ideas have appeared on my blog, and have since been refined, heavily peer reviewed, and then trial-ballooned at clients. The result is a new research note, called The Structure of the Cloud Compute IaaS Market. (Sorry, Gartner clients only.)

In brief, I’ve used a two-axis strategy to break the market into eight segments.

The first axis is your general use case. Are you sourcing infrastructure that is focused on a single application (or a group of tightly-related applications, like your e-commerce application)? Or are you sourcing infrastructure for a range of diverse applications, essentially replacing a part or all of your data center? For the former, you are essentially doing a form of hosting. For the latter, you have a whole host of…

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