Growing Intentionally

I found this great image at

I found this great image at

I’ve found one of the greatest traits I have in my toolbox is my ability to recognize the limits of my own know how, and having the willingness to accept the help of others

In my professional and personal life I’ve seen many people struggle with not knowing or being uncomfortable with their own limitations, but what I’ve come to realize is that limitations are two things; starting points for growth, and opportunities to explore a challenge with a  friend or colleague.

The first is not for the weak of heart.  Growth requires ambition, determination, and clear eyed vision.  Without these three elements I’ve found I simply flounder from one idea to another, aimlessly pouring my life energy into meaningless task. Sometimes this leads to frustration, other times burnout, but most frequently disillusionment and eventual failure.

The second is about living.  The character of our lives is a result of the interaction we have with others.  I’ve found those interactions allow me to bond with others by generating shared memories, developing skills through shared knowledge, and refining values based on shared experience.

I find great value in being open to connecting with others.  However, I also find there’s value in doing so with a discriminating mind.  Considering that relationships influence so many areas of my life, I think it’s important to be intentional about who is allowed to take up space my life.

I seek out relationships with people who build me up, not tear me down.  I seek out people who are trying to improve their condition; inside and out.  I also seek out people who are non-judgmental in the sense that they know others, like myself, are prone to failure at times.

It’s for all these reasons I treasure my time at Empire State College, within my taekwondo community, and at my church home.

Authentic growth comes from healthy interactions in intentional communities.

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