The Art of the IT Management System

I found this great pic at

I found this great pic at

Developing an IT Management System is an art form that requires objective balance.

At the start of the New Year I was blessed with the opportunity to participate in this process first hand. As a newly minted Information Technology Coordinator I was asked to develop a new Information Technology (IT) Management System.

This project offered me the unique opportunity to explore the organization I work for in a new light; while providing a real life forum to observe the principles I’ve learned during my first two years at Empire State College (ESC).

Succeeding at developing, and implementing, systems of this nature requires IT professionals to approach the process with compassion, empathy, and a sense of humble servitude.

Information technology best serves an organization when its functions are married to the processes and personality of its parent organization.  This principle is a hallmark understanding of the Information Systems discipline.

Information Systems is a discipline that seeks to understand how technology, people, and business processes interact to empower organizations.

The challenges that organizations face in the information age are too complex to overcome by simply pouring money into technological resources.  The most elegant solutions arise from taking a clear eyed look at an organization’s processes, understanding how people interact with them, and applying technology to make those interactions more efficient.

If done properly this approach will encourage organizational acceptance of technological innovation, and process maturation.

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