A Season of Hope

I found this beautiful pic at anniecoops.com.  2013

I found this beautiful pic at anniecoops.com. 2013

This is a special time of year for me.

It’s a season of remembrance, wonder, and spiritual renewal.   A new beginning that arrives despite the distractions of the secular holiday season.  For me this part of the year always manifest itself as a season of reflection.

This is the season of Advent.

While the stars were high in the sky last night the first week of Advent came to a close; and riding a crest of moon light a new week began.

I was hesitant to write this post because I wasn’t sure I could write on the subject with proper reverence.  I was concerned that the dinginess of daily living would dirty my thoughts, and prevent me from writing from my heart on the matter.

What I struggled to remember was that God’s call on my life hallows all aspects of my life; including the stress of my daily occupation, the growth I experience with my family, and my academic journey.  Throughout my academic and professional journey I’ve constantly struggled with determining the worth of my works versus the aspirations of my faith.

Is what I’m doing sufficient for my calling?  Am I pursuing a secular kind of growth at the expense of the meaningful?  How can I be sure I’m on the right path?  Is that path determined by my past success?  Have I experienced any success?

I hope the decisions I make today inspire the dreams of my children tomorrow.  I hope that there’s meaning behind the countless key strokes I’ve made behind my keyboard; and that the outcomes of my decisions positively impact the life of someone God has blessed me to receive.

The key word in all of this is hope.

The beauty of Christian hope (unlike it’s secular counterpart) is that it’s not the construct of some fleeting human emotion.  Christian hope is inspired on the basis of prior promises realized.  It’s a concrete reassurance that good things are to come.

This season of Advent I’m finding that my hope resides in multiple forms.  I’m mindfully engaged in the spiritual activity of Advent.  I’m also faced with the complexity of living out an academic life intended for people half my age, and navigating the challenges of an evolving career.

I hope I can see past the distraction of daily living and experience the joy of living for Christ in the moment.

I hope the effort I’m putting into my studies will allow me to see the world in a different light, and help me to form authentic connections with the people that shape my life.

I hope that my success at SUNY Empire State College glorifies God by allowing me to better serve others in my daily vocation.

I hope you’ve been blessed by thoughts I’ve conveyed in this post.

I hope for you to experience a blessed season of Advent this year.

I’m fully confident of all these through Christ.

Peace be with you.


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  1. CIC

    It took me a long time to realize I could find the grace of God in the dirty imperfections of every day life, but once I did I felt as if I got a whole new perspective on faith and life. I wish you the best in this season of hoping and waiting.

    • Stewart Nicholas

      Thanks for the blessing, best wishes for you too.

      I’ve always found that it’s when we need God’s grace the most that our mind makes it so elusive. Thank goodness for God’s grace despite of us.

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