Photo by Geoff Dennis.

The trouble with having been an art major in high school is that math never took a prominent position in my academic career;  until I decided to pursue a college degree in information systems.

It’s for that reason (and the nearly two decades that I haven’t had to think about math) that many of the seemingly basic principles of math seem so foreign to me.

Similarity is a fundamental principle of geometry, and worth discussing here.Similarity is a term from geometry that describes two or more figures that are the same shape but different sizes (  Shape and size are uniquely different descriptors in geometry.

An objects geometric shape is defined by its outline and the placement of angles throughout its form.

Size is determination of the length of lines in an object.

Similarity is interesting to me not only because it’s a foundational principle of mathematics, but also because it’s such a dominant aspect of our daily lives.  We witness similarity at work everyday when we make images larger or smaller on our iPad screens.

Cheers!  Let’s hear it for similarity.

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Geoff Davis.  Purple Finch On Evergreen


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