My Summer Dream Board


I first read about the concept of a dream board in 2010; on Rowdy Kittens (an excellent blog on living small, authored by Tammy Strobel).  I remember thinking at the time that a dream board was a novel, yet hokey idea.

A couple of years later my wife reminded me of the dream board concept.  She had discovered the idea in some goal setting research she was doing.  By that point my mind had grown to appreciate the idea of a dream board in a more tangible way.  It remained in the back of my mind until recently (about half way through the summer term at ESC), when focusing on my studies was becoming a bit of a struggle.

With tired eyes and time slipping away, I resolved that (if i wanted to succeed in the term) I needed to change my approach to my studies.

Being a visual person, a dream board seemed like a viable part of the solution to my problems.

A dream board is essentially a collage of inspiring words, phrases, and images that acts like a compass leading you to your goals when things become frusturating; or seem impossible.  Usually they are created on a large piece of poster board, using magazine clippings, printouts, markers, old photos, and markers.  Creating one is a rewarding but time consuming task.  What non-traditional college student has time for that.

I instead opted to take a digital approach to creating mine.

Have you ever been inspired to make a dream board?


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