Is Your Child Using Devices Too Much? Apply the Delight Principle

On what may have been the tail’s end of another late night in my home office I was left pondering. Should I do some studying? Or should I sleep? Which is the perpetual cycle of a non-traditional college student.

Frustrated with not having a solution, I resolved to exploring WordPress for like minded members of the blogosphere. I found this gem of a post that showed up on Psyche’s Circuitry.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Psyche's Circuitry

Many of us parents worry about the potential negative effects of technology – particularly mobile technology – on our children. But we have precious little science out there that can help us figure out the costs and benefits, risks and returns. Heck, we’ve had television sets in our homes for over 80 years and we still don’t know a lot about its effects on kids.

mother child

But putting our kids in front of technology is sometimes hard to resist. Your kid is having a tantrum on the grocery line? Bring up a movie on the iPad. Children whining at the restaurant? Hand them your iPhone and see their little smiling faces and glazed-over eyes light up from the warm glow of the screen.

However, these solutions are often tinged with parental guilt and a nagging feeling that maybe we shouldn’t be doing this quite so much. To figure out how much is too much, I apply what I…

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