A Springtime Awakening In Sackets Harbor


As I was walking around Sackets Harbor today one thing became clear, our small community was definitely coming back to life after our long winter.  The waves rolling in off Lake Ontario lapped against the shore line, splashing against the public docks.  The gulls soared high overhead.  Meanwhile the sun was warming my face, and the budding leaves were saying “Hello, good afternoon.” ; in their own special way.


The shrubbery that seems so instrumental in making Sackets Harbor feel quaint and homey, in the warmer months, appeared to be filling out nicely.


The scars that remain from this winter’s early ice storm are beginning to heal.  As our community works to sweep away the debris that was created from the storm, and conduct spring clean up of yard waste.


As our village awakens for the summer activities that await, my mind is hungry for my body to spend more time outdoors with my family; hiking, camping, gardening, and renewing.  It has been a real challenge to set aside time for renewal over the past year, but I feel assured this year will be better.  I’ve spent the last year thinking a lot about this subject, which has been supported by some great resources provided by Empire State College (ESC).  Publications like Student Health 101 (the colleges e-magazine about student wellness), and presentations put on by the Office of Academic Support Team have proven crucial for me in gaining perspective on balancing my academic life; as a non-traditional student.  I look forward to another year of growth at ESC, as well living out love with my family.


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