Bookmarking My Status

When I was in the Army I once heard a fellow Non-Commissioned Officer (NCO) define a plan as “The point from which all things deviate.”  I suppose it’s fitting that his quote comes to mind now.

In my experience each semester comes with its’ own challenges, and this one is no different; being defined by the unexpected death of my Uncle Andrew, the unrelenting lack of rest that comes with being head of a sick household, and my recent travel to Memphis Tennessee (in attendance of the National Fenestration Rating Council’s Spring Membership Meeting).  Due to conflicted obligations, a busy schedule, and a poor emotional state of mind, I’ve struggled to reach course milestones.  This has been slightly disappointing, and stressful, but the obstacles are not insurmountable; and I’ve begun to develop momentum in my studies.  The following is a brief summary of my present activity in each course:

Images of Woman in Western Civilization

  • Continuing research to expand on my in-depth research paper (final project for the course); entitled The Pale Face of Knossos.  The purpose statement I included with my proposal for this work reads as follows;

“The purpose of this study is to examine the archaeological findings at Knossos, on the Greek island of Crete.  Using the Knossos archaeological site as a case study, I hope to gain a better understanding of the issues that anthropological and archaeological teams face when seeking answers to the questions that define cultural functions of ancient civilizations; specifically as they pertain to woman’s studies.  This study interest me because it has foundational properties inherent to, the study of ancient art, as a means of extrapolating understanding of woman’s daily and historical lives in antiquity.”

  • Continuing progress in course text, and class discussions.

Visual Basic:  Computer Programming

  • Performing lab work experimenting with Loops, Timers, and Debugging Techniques.
  • Working to complete my mid-term project.
  • Continuing problems in course text.

I’ve come to realize the keys to coming back from adversity in coursework are:

  • Good, honest, communication with your instructors.
  • Developing a solid strategy to complete future assignments, as well as make up past due work.
  • …and good old grit.  You have to be ok with being uncomfortable once in awhile to make it as a non-traditional student.

What strategies have you developed in overcoming adversity in your studies?




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