Our Mission

Our Mission

Every institution has a mission, and our’s is no different.

We are a proud lot at Empire State College (ESC)’s Center for Distance Learning.  I don’t intend to sound biased, but I may be just a tad.  We are largely adult learners; non-traditional college students seeking to better ourselves intellectually; by moonlight.  We spend our late nights not with David Letterman, but instead burrowed into dimly lit study spaces, while snacking on popcorn; frequently with bleary eyes.  We dream of making the world a better place…and we will.  We are not your average college students.  We are extremely skilled, and we bring with that skill wisdom; the kind that can only be learned in the workplace.  We leverage every lesson learned to achieve success.  We are passionate.  We are driven.  We know what we want to achieve.  We will achieve.

We are ESC!!!

Seriously though, take a look at ESC’s mission statement; and review the college’s commitment statements.   They form a great snapshot of our vision of excellence, and  how we’re going to achieve it as an academic community.


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