My Induction Into Visual Basic

I think I’m ready for NASA now, so their programmers better look out.

I’ve joined the ranks of a long line of programmers before me that have written the “Hello World” program.  Hello World is infamous, in the programming community, for being the first program taught to beginners in a variety of programming languages; in this case Visual Basic (VB). It’s actually the third variety of the program I’ve put together in my VB course, and one of several other programs I’ve done as exercises; being that my VB course is heavily lab based. However, the version of Hello World I’ll show you here is unique because it is the first program I’ve written and executed without a script.  So, without further delay, I’d like to introduce you to my version of Hello World.


My Hello World program has a series of simple functions that make it interesting; however the program primarily serves the user by announcing (in two different languages) “Hello World!”.  First in English:


…and then in Hebrew:


The two language buttons can be played with at will by the user, and each time a language button is clicked the text will reflect the command that the user has provided the program.

In addition to the basic purpose and functions described, the program was used as an exercise in programming menus in VB.  I won’t include a screen shot of this here, but the program allows you to close the program in three different ways:

  1. The functional “Exit” button at the bottom of the form.
  2. Selecting “Close” from the File menu.
  3. Or, simply “X’ing” out of the program from the upper right corner.

A simple program, but still a worthy and fun introduction to the world of programming in VB.  I’m proud of how it turned out.


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